Our Services and Design Process

Our Service

Koheid Design offers a range of services to ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders on each individual project. As a boutique landscape architecture firm, we strive to provide exceptional design solutions forour client’s specific needs while incorporating art and enhancing ecology. Our team will work to exceed client expectations and increase property value, all while delivering a product that everyone can enjoy for years to come.


Landscape Design

Landscape design is what we thrive on. Whether you are trying to increase your property value or create the landscape of your dreams, we have you covered. Lets us create a landscape that will surpass all your expectations

Construction Liaison

The implementation of your landscape design can be overwhelming and hectic at times. Let us be your liaison with the contractors involved and advocate for your interests throughout the process. As a liaison, we will be able to ensure the successful installation of your landscape as it was intended, help to maximize efficiency in the process, and make sure you are getting the best value possible.

Creating Sustainable Environments

Creating a landscape that meets your desires and benefits the environment is our specialty. At Koheid, we pride ourselves on our ability to introduce beneficial plant species that are both aesthetic and functional. We create landscapes that are teeming with life and will continue to thrive for years to come.


With a passion for art and a respect for science, we tackle each unique design situation with an open mind. It is important for our designs to maximize the potential of each space designed and provide creative solutions for the distinct challenges of the project. Our designers consider all aspects of the environment and incorporate elements to engage with all of the five senses, creating a unique experience each time you enjoy your space.

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Complete a preliminary Project Location evaluation, get to know your goals, and talk budget. Proposal to follow.


Thorough analysis of the Project Location is conducted and goals and challenges of the project are assessed.

Drawing Board

Using all information garnered through the Consultation, a preliminary design plan is put on paper and the collaboration begins.


After working with the client and taking all feedback into consideration, plan is presented to the clients for approval or further development. Materials and plants are discussed and decided on.


Final design is approved by the client. Collaboration with the construction team begins and the team ensures a successful installation.